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Earlier this year at the European Admonsters Conference in Barcelona someone showed us Terence Kawaja’s from LUMA Partners’ excellent take on the current Display Advertising technology ‘Landscape’ . Terence has updated this recently and I’ve linked to it below. He spoke with AdExchanger recently and talked about this diagram and how it’s constantly changing as […]

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Peer39’s Amiad Solomon has written an excellent article on the emerging concepts of Semantic Ad-targeting over on the Admonsters site. This follows on from the presentation David Crystal gave at June’s European Admonsters conference. As much as we have to keep our eyes on the ball regarding the challenges of HTML5 and the plethroa of […]

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Found a very simple mechanism to reduce (or increase) audio levels in FLV video files. Historically this has always been a pain to work as we would normally need to demux the files and work on the audio and then remux them. This technique uses the open-source ffmpeg package, you don’t really need to know […]

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